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We will be expanding our services to you as time goes on including providing placement and headhunter referral services for those hard-to-fill positions of expertise.

HireMeInSC.com is a job post site specific to South Carolina. We provide services to candidates helping them reach their potential and ultimately offering you a chance to see their full accomplishments, not just the titles that their previous employers gave them - which is all too common on a resume. In an industry as construction a foreman in one job can be a project manager or superintendent in another, it simply doesn't define the spectrum of qualifications that applicant possesses.

As we ramp up our services to these applicants which will undoubtedly help you in your candidate searches, please take advantage of current opportunities. At HireMeInSC we can't help but boast about our low job post fees. Our job search quality is comparable with that of Monster and Career Builder but at a fraction of the cost. We're talking fees anywhere from 80% to 95% less than our competition. Not only this but when applicants search with us, they are searching SC specific positions. This means you're getting more visibility instead of sinking in amongst the National multi-posts of conglomerate companies. Post your job for 30 days for only $25 now. That's less than a dollar a day! You can even post for a single day. Whether you post for one day or 30, our system autoposts your listing to all of our social media outlets. Let's see our competitors beat that!


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